Laboratory Information Management System

Software for Laboratories in Kerala

Software developed for Clinical Laboratories

A simple and user friendly software developed for Clinical Laboratories.It was first developed for the automation of small and medium clinical laboratories. Simplicity and reliability make this one of the best software for diagnostic centers. Now 10+ Years of trust, 500+ laboratories uses this software in their diagnostic center.

Top selling laboratory software in Kerala

It is one of the top selling laboratory software in Kerala. This is an offline desktop application that works on Windows platforms including Windows 11. This software can be easily installed on any computer with Windows 7 or later. Only minimum hardware configurations is needed to run.

Simple and Low cost laboratory software

Only minimum hardware configurations is needed to run. This software is very easy to learn and can operated even with out computer knowledge. We ensures reliable support, training and assistance with regular updates and improvements. This software comes in an affordable price with easy payment options and attractive offers. There in no any hidden charges.

A simple and easy to use Software that improves the efficiency of your Clinical Laboratory, backed by our expert and friendly Support team.
We provide online installation, training and support all over India. You can use it within few hours. Use the trial version and make payment only if satisfied

Software Features

  • Fast and Easy Billing and Reporting
  • Easy to Learn. No need of Computer knowledge required
  • Easy to Install and Configure
  • Runs on all latest Windows platforms
  • No Internet Connection required to operate
  • Unlimited storage with Backup options
  • Billing with UPI, Cash Payments and Discount options
  • Doctor wise, Department wise billing statements
  • Daily, monthly reports(Bank,Cash,Dues,Discounts)
  • Track Due Bills, Pending Reports, Patient History
  • Search Patient with Mobile Number, Bill Number or Name
  • Stylish and Customizable Report Formats
  • Highlight Abnormal Results, Result Note options
  • You can change Test details and Result parameters
  • Auto Calculation and Auto Fill options
  • PDF Report for Whatsapp and Email
  • Multiple User modes, Runs on Network(LAN).
  • 12+ Years Trust, 500+ Happy Customers
  • Affordable Price and Payment options
  • Free Online Demo and option for Trial
  • Reliable Customer Support by dedicated team
  • Latest Technologies and Regular updates

Why You Choose Us?

We aims the Success and Satisfaction of our clients by offering "Simple, Productive, Affordable and Reliable"solutions
that best meet business objectives of our clients and ensure long term Value and Trust

  • 12+ Tears of Trust, 500+ Happy Customers
  • A Firm providing various IT Solutions
  • Foot print all over Kerala and Middle East
  • No False claims, Hidden Charges or Marketing Traps
  • Professionals who better understand the requirements
  • Latest Technologies and Approaches in development
  • Affordable Pricing with out any compromise in Quality
  • Prompt, Reliable and Friendly Customer Support

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System Requirements ?

Computer with a minimum hardware configurations is rquired to run Labsoft.Following are the software requirements :
Windows 7, 10 or 11 (.Net Framework 3.0 enabled), MS Office(with MS-Access)
Any minimum size wide screen monitor, Any Printer
For more details or any techinical assistance please contact us or send a Whatsapp message to us. We are happy to assist you. Tel: 7510 318 135
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