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System Requirements

Please contact your computer hardware technicians and configure your computer

Computer with a minimum hardware configurations is rquired to run Labsoft.
Following are the basic system requirements :
Windows 7, 10 or 11 (.NET Framework 3.5 should be enabled on Windows.)
Minimum two disk partitions preferred
MS Office (with MS-Access compulsory)
Any Printer with driver installed.(Confirm with a test print)

Please contact your computer hardware technicians and configure your computer. If all the above listed System Requirements are satisfied, download and install the software listed on Support Links below.

Support Links

Please download and install the required softwares from the following link

Remote Desktop Sharing Software

1. Ultraviewer (Downlad and install)
2. Anyviewer (Downlad and install)

Supporting Software

3. VC Redistributable (Downlad and install)
4. Supports Setup (Downlad and install)
5. Software Files (Only download)

Optional Software

5. Font Free3of9 (Downlad and install if required)

Check List:

Confirm all the four System Requirements
Download and install software listed from 1 to 4 in Support Links.
Only Download the software listed on 5 in Support Links

Run the Ultraviewer from the Desktop
Send us the Your ID and Password shown in Ultraviewer to our Whatsapp (7510 318 135)

Have you any doubt or trouble ? Call : 7510 3181 35

If you have any doubt or troubles in configuring the system please contact us.

Have you any other questions on our Laboratory Software?

Please ask to us. We will answer it.

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For more details, please fill the Enquiry Form and submit to us. We will contact you with details.

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