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Frequently Asked Questions on Laboratory Software

Sure. No computer knowledge is required to use this software. We will provide training and assistance to use this software.
No. We only charge a nominal amount for this software which will be affordable for small and medium size laboratories. We also provide many offers and attractive payment options for your convenience.
No. There is no any annual charges to use this software. We only charge a nominal service fee for any serious issues arising from our software, as outlined in our terms and conditions.
Yes. On request we will arrange a free demo or trial copy installation for a limited perirod. You need to pay only if you are satisfied.
Only a minimum configuration computer is needed for this software.
Yes. On request we will change the result sheet style based on your custom result sheet format.
No. This is an offline software. So no Internet connection is required.
Yes. You can use software on multiple computers connected on LAN.
Yes.Most of the tests, units and normal values are already added in the softwre. You can change and customize the result.
Yes. You can customize the test detail, units, normal vlaues etc. You can even add new test details.
No. You can store unlimited data using normal 128GB hard disk or SSD for more than 5 years. On request we will clear old the records.
Yes. Using internet and other software it is easy to install and support any where in the World.

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System Requirements ?

Computer with a minimum hardware configurations is rquired to run Labsoft.Following are the software requirements :
Windows 7, 10 or 11 (.Net Framework 3.0 enabled), MS Office(with MS-Access)
Any minimum size wide screen monitor, Any Printer
For more details or any techinical assistance please contact us or send a Whatsapp message to us. We are happy to assist you. Tel: 7510 318 135
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